Jul 31

AMSSM addresses approaches for injury prevention in young throwers Tracy R.

Ray, MD, delivered the Hough Memorial Lecture entitled Pitch Counts: Can we prevent youth throwing accidents at the 21st American Medical Culture for Sports Medicine Annual Interacting with in Atlanta, Ga. Saturday on, 21 April, 2012. Strategies for injury prevention to youthful throwers are important to most parents with children involved in throwing sports and to the sports medicine community, said Dr. Ray. If more fully understood and implemented, these strategies could have a significant impact on the throwing professions of several young athletes. The Hough Memorial Lecture is given each full calendar year to honor Dr. David Hough who was one of the unique founders of AMSSM.‘Building a responsible partnership between your clinical care professionals and public health co-workers is an integral to success,’ said Dr. Hugh Tilson, adjunct professor of General public Health Leadership, Epidemiology and Health Policy, University of North Carolina and adjunct professor of medicine, Duke University, who contributed to the white paper. ‘Particularly exciting for me personally as a career general public health professional is usually to witness the solid functional collaboration between your local public health agency and the accountable treatment organization – a genuine model for the accountable caring community.