Mar 29

AMP proposes fresh.

‘The brand new term accurately describes the essential expertise of the scientific laboratory professional.’ The operating group also re-affirmed AMP's prior position that some very high-risk tests do require pre-introduction review by a third party reviewer and outlined the types of LDPs to which this would apply. To download a PDF of the article, visit: To see other AMP placement letters and statements, visit:.. AMP proposes fresh, service-oriented terminology for top quality laboratory testing Proposes new, service-oriented terminology – – Laboratory Developed Procedures The Association for Molecular Pathology released a special article in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics titled ‘Revisiting Oversight and Regulation of Molecular-Based Laboratory-Developed Testing’.An end-point committee adjudicated factors behind death and events which were included in the primary end point based on prespecified definitions and procedures. The secondary end point was the total rate of cardiovascular events, thought as the principal end superficial-vein advantage thrombosis. Additional end factors were incidence of cancer, progression to myelofibrosis, myelodysplasia or leukemic transformation, total and non-fatal main hemorrhage , and minor bleeding.