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Although average severity scores for both.

– We were unable to prove , because the room for improvement is small, IBS patients in whom the severity of symptoms is much higher Our additional finding of significantly more flatulence – free days in the B. Infantis 35624 group needs further studies, especially in the non-patient, healthy population. .. Although average severity scores for both, abdominal pain and bloating improved significantly during the intervention, there were no significant differences between the placebo and probiotic group by Yehuda Ringel, who presented the results. Contrary to previous clinical trials in IBS patients, we were not able to demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in mean severity of abdominal pain and bloating with B. Infantis 35624 in a non – patient population, said Dr.

included 28 randomized controlled trials involving 3338 patients, the total single or combination antibiotic therapy for various indications. – The preventive effect of probiotic use remained significant regardless of species used, given to adults towards children populations, study quality factor and antibiotics, said researcher Elizabeth Videlock , who presented the results. The preventive effect of probiotics is also evident in the combined treatment with antibiotics for H. Pylori eradication. .

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