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Also volunteered to undergo scans the CBCT system.

On A preliminary study with 23 women who are known to have been cancer-free and to have routine mammograms, also volunteered to undergo scans the CBCT system. Andobjectives were to evaluate only image quality, coverage, and radiation exposure. Some of the volunteers had dense breasts. Difficult to screen and often require a higher dose of radiation additional views additional views if a problem is suspected Dense breast tissue is fairly common: at least 25 % of women who take breast screening and particularly younger women and those who have hormone therapy, a dense tissue, which can greatly reduce the sensitivity of mammography.

In addition, preliminary studies show that breast coverage and radiation dose is comparable to mammography. But researchers do not believe at this point that is likely to replace the CBCT mammography as a frontline screening tool. In the clinic. Their their possible use in the clinic. The CBCT imaging system has some significant advantages compared to current imaging modalities , however its greatest potential may be an additional tool for the diagnosis of difficult cases , it might be very useful in finding dense breast tissue obscured by dense breast tissue or the distinction between , said O’Connell, said O’Connell, associate professor in Imaging Sciences and director of women’s imaging for the Comprehensive Breast Care Center at the James P.Leaderboard among U.S. News and World Report of the top 10 state universities, Georgia Tech educating more than 16,000 students per year with their college of Architecture, Computing, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Management and Sciences. Technology maintains a diverse campus and belongs to the nation’s top manufacturers of women and African – American engineers. 341 000 USD research possibilities for both undergraduate and graduate students and is home of over 100 interdisciplinary units plus the Georgia Tech Research Institute. As which 2003-2004 school year Georgia Tech achieved $ 341,000 in Last research prize Finanzierung.edu / news – rooms / release..