Oct 03

All terror episodes are psyops If the Boston Marathon murders were staged as a fake flag.

All terror episodes are psyops If the Boston Marathon murders were staged as a fake flag, and if so, by whom, there are certainly contradictions in the media story line so far. Mike Adams, at natural news, has described several essential absurdities in the state scenario, including the obvious controlled demolition of a bomb at the JFK library, a mile from the explosions at the Marathon finish series. This demolition, unreported by the press, was stated just before it required place, by a Boston World tweet: ‘You will see a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute within bomb squad activities http://www.prednisolone.org/category/health .’ The demolition would have taken place about an hour following the two explosions at the Marathon finish line, this means the bomb squad was able to find the Library device, rig it for demolition, and blow it up in record period.

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