May 04

Age Gracefully Through Ayurveda Ayurveda may be the traditional medical program of India.

These elements are decaying in each 10 years. Therefore death shall occur at 120 years. On a comparison with today’s life status it could be understood that we should adopt the means of ayurvedic living for ideal health in order that we can live up to 120 years gracefully without any diseases. Irrespective of one’s chronological age group Ayurveda looks on the grade of these bodily factors. Accordingly his body age group is calculated. If one looses visible acuity at 40 years, Ayurveda calculates his age as 60 years irrespective of his chronological age. Ayurveda has three main domains of therapeutic regimens which are the powerful tools to handle the issues of aging. They are known as rasayana therapy [RT] , vajeekarana therapy [VT] and yoga therapy . RT includes usage of some specific natural medicine formulations which are becoming used in a unique method.Prevention of drug-resistant tuberculosis, especially MDR tuberculosis, is an essential component of tuberculosis-control programs.1 In this survey, more than 40 percent of patients with MDR tuberculosis who had received previous treatment for tuberculosis hadn’t completed their last treatment course. This finding factors to the need for interventions that will increase continuity of treatment and reduce the price of treatment default, especially among individuals treated within the hospital system.21 In China, patients with tuberculosis receive treatment either at the neighborhood site of the CDC or in a healthcare facility system.