Mar 03

Africa worst hit by Helps 2.

Africa worst hit by Helps – 2 male extra .4m dead, 3.2m infected in sub-Sahara According to a new UN report, levels of HIV infection in the Middle East and North Africa are increasing and there can be an urgent dependence on better education and prevention strategies. UNAIDS regional numbers show that currently as much as 510, 000 people are now infected, with 67,000 brand-new infections and 57,000 deaths, and worldwide 40.3m people are infected. By far the worst-hit area may be the Sudan, where two thirds of women there are completely unacquainted with condom use. It is revealed in the report that the primary source of infection is unprotected sex, but intravenous drug use is a problem also.

Pulmonary disease is the most common reason behind scleroderma related deaths, and African-American race was individually associated with pulmonary fibrosis and African Americans are in greater risk for severe lung disease, which the authors suggest could be due to genetics or environmental elements. Our findings confirm that more serious complications have an effect on African Americans with system sclerosis than Caucasians, concludes Dr. Steen. For African-American systemic sclerosis individuals with serious lung disease, more intense treatment in early stages could enhance their outcome.