Mar 12

Advaxis Listeria based fusion protein granted U.

Advaxis offers patents on two families of antigen-fusion proteins based upon the Listeria proteins LLO and Act-A. Act-A is known to have non-specific immune stimulating adjuvant properties. Immune tolerance happens when repeated immunogenic stimulation outcomes in fatigue of the disease fighting capability and an inability to mount a therapeutic response. An agent such as for example an Act-A antigen fusion proteins has the capability to generate a therapeutic anti-tumor immune response; in even the current presence of pre-existing immune tolerance. John Rothman, Executive Vice President of Science and Operations.. Advaxis’ Listeria based fusion protein granted U.S.All rights reserved.. Alexion joins EURORDIS, NORD and medical communities to see Rare Disease Day 2011 Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. joins the European Corporation for Rare Diseases , the National Organization for Rare Disorders and families, governments, companies and medical communities around the world in observing the fourth annual Rare Disease Time today. In the U.S., a rare disease is defined as one that affects fewer than 200,000 sufferers. Many diseases are believed ultra-rare, generally regarded as affecting less than 20 sufferers per one million of the population, or approximately 6,000 or fewer patients in the U.S.