Jan 05

Actos suspended from European shelves: Why?

The FDA has had a look at all our data and also have not given us a sign at the moment, Spanheimer told Reuters. Since September 2010 The FDA offers been reviewing Actos, after reports that folks who took the medication for over two years were at an increased risk for developing bladder cancers. At the time, the drug was considered safer than a tablet in the same drug class still, the controversial Avandia, relating to WebMD. The FDA didn’t come back a call to CBS News at press time.One group started going for a standard dose of lithium, gradually increasing to the utmost dose more than eight weeks if their mood symptoms weren’t controlled. The other group took a placebo. The patients who took lithium had much greater improvements in their symptoms than those who took the placebo. About 47 % of those in the lithium group had been much improved or quite definitely improved, compared with 21 % of these in the placebo group. And unlike additional psychiatric drugs such as olanzapine or risperidone, lithium was not associated with significant fat gain, the researchers found. As well, non-e of the sufferers taking lithium had critical drug-related side effects, the team said. The scholarly study, published Oct. 12 in the journal Pediatrics, was funded by the U.S.