Jan 13

According to new study from the University of Washingtons Autism Center.

These youngsters possess older siblings already diagnosed with autism and also have a one in five chance of developing the disorder, that includes a strong genetic component. The typical risk for autism is now thought to be one in 150. Earlier analysis at the UW Autism Center by its founding director Geraldine Dawson demonstrated that accelerated head growth in kids with autism decreases in the second year of life which deceleration coincides with a with an interval of worsening symptoms of autism.. Accelerated head growth a risk factor for autism Children with autism possess normal-size heads at birth but develop accelerated head growth between 6 and nine months of age, a period that precedes the onset of several behaviors that enable physicians to diagnose the developmental disorder, according to new study from the University of Washington’s Autism Center.But neither the warnings nor the reviews were enough to find the items taken off the marketplace. Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor at the magazine, said in a written statement that consumers are easily lulled into believing that supplements can do no harm because they’re ‘natural.’ However, some 100 percent natural ingredients can be hazardous, and in addition the FDA offers repeatedly found hazardous ingredients, including synthetic prescription medications, in supplements. What can customers do to protect themselves? The magazine issued several recommendations, including: Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking supplements.