Apr 18

A team led by CSHL Gregory Hannon.

A team led by CSHL Gregory Hannon, a molecular and cell biologist and W. Richard McCombie, a molecular biologist laboratory lab gene sequencing center, sought an efficient way of separating what ‘s most valuable in the genome from less important routes of genomic ‘code’. Than 3 billion than 3 billion ‘letters ‘of the code of the human genome, only 2 % of which actually has cells to produce proteins, the workhorses of of all life processes.

The full results of of the survey are available online.NPR ‘All in particular, ‘on Wednesday reported on the survey. J NPR reported findings from the survey on its programs ‘Morning Edition ‘and ‘All Things Considered'(Silver, ‘all in all’NPR.

High valueng Harbor scientists develop new, low-cost method of screening genomes high-value regions ofScientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have a new means of obtaining and interpreting data from the human genome and and developed economically than methods that are currently used.Based program Obesity Program by Major Grant ExpandedThe Astra Zeneca HealthCare Foundation program, Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM has announced to extend a subsidy from over $ 232,000 at the University of Michigan Health System the projects Healthy Schools.

Cardiovascular disease assumes a heavy toll on our families, our communities and our country, said James W. Blasetto, Chairman of the Astra Zeneca HealthCare Foundation. The University of Michigan to meet inventive heart-healthy Programmes on the individual needs of the community. .. The terminals for cardiovascular – HealthSM grant will be further growth on Project healthy Schools into a model of schools – based program M communities.d families and facilitate SCA supports more students, particularly those can be be reached in the lower income groups and diverse communities.

The program is designed sixth years cardiac – healthy lifestyles also eating more fruits and vegetable, a better drinks, engagement in 150 minutes of exercise a week, eat less fast food and less fatty foods, plus reduces time spent in Teach you from computer and Video Games screen.