Feb 25

A known expert in hospital-based palliative treatment and end-of-existence issues nationally.

This year, AACN awarded two grants. A extensive research team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, led by Penn Nursing's Martha A.Q. Curley, RN, PhD, FAAN, also received an Impact Research Grant this season. With a multicenter research, the team will expand Curley's use the Braden Q Level, which has become a used tool to predict pediatric pressure ulcer risk widely. The researchers will additional measure the predictive validity of the Braden Q Level for the advancement of immobility-related pressure ulcers along with test a fresh element, referred to as the Braden Q+D, to spell it out affected individual risk for medical device-related pressure ulcers.Included in these are the actual fact that they just recorded the frequency as opposed to the amount of alcohol usage in the month before people became a member of the study; there could be bias due to people recalling inaccurately how frequently they drank alcohol as well as the info represents a snapshot of drinking behaviour at one time, instead of giving information about fluctuating alcohol consumption over a period longer; and, finally, there were marked differences in age group and gender between the RA and the control groups, although the researchers did adjust their results for these factors.

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