Mar 17

6 million to build up gene therapy strategies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Gene therapy strategies, potentially, could compensate for the causative genetic defect, offering a much more effective type of treatment. The Asklepios researchers plan to insert a proprietary miniaturized edition of the dystrophin gene into an adeno-connected viral vector designed to deliver the gene to human muscles. MDA-funded experts at the University of Florida in Gainesville are developing approaches for gene therapy of limb-girdle MD in parallel with the Asklepios DMD research..‘It really is tempting to speculate that ALDH1 could disclose the tumors in need of novel treatment approaches and cautious surveillance,’ create Tuulia Avoranta and colleagues. The experts analyzed 64 preoperative biopsies and 213 operative samples from patients with stage I-III rectal tumor. Of these 213 individuals, 89 received short-training course preoperative radiotherapy, 50 received long-program preoperative radiotherapy, with or without chemotherapy, and 74 received no treatment before surgery treatment.