Choosing the Perfect Sized Rental Moving Truck

Choosing the Perfect Sized Rental Moving Truck

Rental trucks are the kings and queens of illusion. Looking at the outside of what seems to be a huge truck you are positive your entire home will fit snugly inside, but you may be wrong. Rental moving trucks always appear larger than they truly are and eying it just won’t cut it.

There are numeric guides all over the Internet to tell you how many cubic feet can move how many bedrooms. According to these guides, a four-bedroom home can be moved in a 24 cubic foot truck; a three bedroom home can be moved in a 20 cubic foot truck and so on. These guides are only that, guides. The consumer must take into consideration not simply how many bedrooms they have to fit into a truck, but how much stuff is in each bedroom. Not to mention the living room, den, kitchen, bathrooms, and the ever crowded garage.

Unfortunately choosing a moving truck is not as simple as picking the largest truck either. On a recent move through the mountains of Denver, Colorado, if I had chosen the largest truck all of my things would have been jammed into the back of the truck broken and damaged by the time I reached the mile high city. Having too much space in a rental moving truck can result in damaged belongings and too little space with stuff left to move leaving a homeowner wondering how to choose the perfect sized moving truck. บริษัทจัดส่งสินค้า

So how does the consumer choose the perfect sized truck? The guide that has helped move my family more than 5000 miles in the last three years successfully is simple. For every room in my home I estimate 3 cubic feet of truck will be needed to move. Therefore, for moving 8 rooms I choose the 24 cubic foot truck, 7 rooms the 20 cubic foot and so on.

Homeowners must also take into consideration any garage sales, donations and throw-aways which will lead to a reduction in total cubic feet of rental tuck needed.

Always remember when renting a moving truck to err on the side of too large. Having more than enough space will make moving much easier than trying to stuff a 2000 sq. foot home into a 10 cubic foot mini-mover! The perfect sized rental moving truck will help to make your next move a bit easier to control.


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