Jun 25

000 New Zealanders that have problems with the pain of migraine headaches.

A straightforward dietary supplement may help to prevent strokes A simple dietary supplement might not only give relief to some of the more than 400,000 New Zealanders that have problems with the pain of migraine headaches, but also may help to prevent strokes. That’s the view of Victoria University genetic epidemiologist, Dr Rod Lea, who, with colleagues at Brisbane’s Griffith University, has discovered a gene that is from the most debilitating and serious form of headache, migraine with aura http://www.eriacta100.org .

Despite a significant public safety campaign in the UK which includes lower cot deaths by three quarters since 1991, around 300 babies still die instantly each year. The research is released in the journal Science.. A suspect found for SIDS New evidence is definitely suggesting that a chemical substance imbalance in the brain might be the reason for some cot deaths. Scientists in Italy say they have discovered that low degrees of serotonin in the brains of laboratory mice triggered adjustments in heart rate and body temperature that could lead to sudden loss of life. Serotonin is certainly a neurotransmitter which is in charge of passing messages between brain cells, low degrees of the chemical substance are connected with depression in humans.