Aug 07

000 German beekeepers are calling for a nationwide ban upon the cultivation of GMO crops.

The legislation is highly opposed by GM proponents and has become a controversial issue throughout the EU. The DIB is usually urging Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt to enact a ban through the entire entire country, but the minister is calling for every state or region within Germany to decide on an individual basis. The beekeepers argue that will not be an effective solution because of the number that bees happen to be collect nectar.Secondary end factors included a composite of the primary end point or invasive catheterization showing no obstructive CAD, various other combinations of the components of the primary end stage, invasive cardiac catheterization displaying no obstructive CAD, and cumulative radiation exposure; the latter two end points were determined at 3 months. Members of an unbiased clinical-occasions committee adjudicated all main and secondary end-point events in a blinded fashion based on standard, prospectively determined definitions.17 Cumulative radiation exposure was defined as radiation exposure related to all of the cardiovascular testing or procedures performed within 90 days after randomization, including CTA, nuclear stress testing, and invasive coronary angiography or angioplasty.